Complete teacher-principal evaluation management system providing a fully electronic observation process.

Data Scrubber

Local to Web

Direct or Indirect



All rubrics and observation components of any evaluation may be tailored to mirror your school or district’s process.


Allows for observers to add comments/evidence in actual domain areas and automatically converts ratings/scores as per district specifications.


Provides a process for developing and tracking Student Learning Objective (SLOs) for growth or achievement.


Powerful scheduling component for managing and tracking all meetings, while HR component allows for immediate access to teacher data.


Professional Development module tracks TIPs, PD hours, and professional learning opportunities.


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What is DataSync™?            

Our DataSync™ tool is an exceptional utility that makes sharing data easy! It links to any Student Information system, Database, or database extract file (read only).

Why is DataSync™ Better?            

Our sync tool can bring in disaggregated data codes from other systems to EVI products for displaying reports, by Gender, Ethnicity, Disability codes, ELL, 504, Free & Reduced lunch. Etc. The data we pull is based on what your district wants to disaggregate by!

Let us help you make managing data uploads easy!

  • Can merge from multiple files or databases at the same time.
  • Allows us to re-roster student data to the current teacher of record.
  • Runs on a scheduled task.
  • Allows for data integrity checks before to help you keep your records up to date.
  • Best of all, we do the programming, and setup so it’s a zero impact product for your district.
  • Our one Sync tool implementation can update ALL of Educational Vistas Products.

Sync tool implementation is easy.

Contact us with what Student Information System you use, where your Student information system is located, what other data you may want to include, and let us help you from there.

For More Info, Contact:

Bill D. Bouchard

V.P., Solutions Architect 

Contact Bill directly at 518.805.1105

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