About Us

NYSED Lead Scoring Entity & Woman-owned Business

Our Strategic Vision is to position our school curriculum developers to all educational agencies in the K-12 NYS industry as the BEST-COST academic intervention tool provider with the purpose of enriching the school environment through efficiencies and cost reduction, and assisting in the building of brighter futures for the children of today and tomorrow. Only through consistent growth and ambitious goals can we truly make a positive impact in our community, and only through creativity and teamwork can this growth and these goals be attained.

About Educational Vistas Inc

Educational Vistas, Inc. (EVI) is a distinguished privately held corporation in the for-profit K-12+ education sector. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we specialize in delivering a comprehensive suite of online assessment tools, advanced data analysis, and cutting-edge instructional and administrative improvement software products. Our clientele spans across educational agencies, including Schools, Districts, Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), Regional Information Centers (RIC), and more.

Since our inception in 1993, the EVI team has been at the forefront of pioneering in-district services complemented by innovative software products. At our core, our mission is to enhance student performance and operational efficiency; a mission that we have been successful in operationalizing as we currently collaborate seamlessly with over 1,000 educational agencies.

At EVI, the synergy between technologists and educators ensures the creation and delivery of top-tier products and services. Our offerings not only lead to substantial cost savings but also expedite decision-making processes, elevate data and information quality, and eradicate redundancy. Turn to us for unparalleled academic intervention tools, Computer-Based Testing (CBT) assessments and environments, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, and more.

By deploying our proprietary data synchronization tool we are able to facilitate a seamless integration to any data system. Our web-based software solutions are tailored to each client’s needs, with functionalities such as uploading critical data for indefinite storage, managing file conversions, conducting data integrity checks, and implementing customizations.

Our reputation has been built, and relies, upon countless past successes, evidenced by our remarkable year-over-year client retention and our pivotal role in fostering client efficiency growth. We extend a warm invitation to connect with us today and explore our expansive array of products and services designed to elevate your efficiency and drive down overall costs!

Our Core Values


Founded on trustworthiness and respect, and driven by our responsibility as a leader advancing the K-12 educational landscape.


Supporting local schools and businesses by enriching our daily environments. 


Focusing on the whole student, their individual growth, and their social-emotional and character development.


Emphasizing the importance of openness, teamwork, ethics, and a community mentality.

Lifelong Learning

Reinforcing the importance of continually growing as an individual, regardless of age or role, and striving toward enhancing knowledge and mastery.


Uphold the highest level of standards for our processes, protocols, and infrastructure.