Curriculum Developer

Flexible Templates & Process to Meet All District Needs

Flexible Templates & Process to Meet All District Needs

A customized platform offering flexible templates and plans that are compatible and aligned with all NYS standards.

Instructional Units

Curriculum Maps & Frames

Pacing Guides

Learning Episodes

Common Core Aligned


Dynamic curriculum hosting platform with complete NYS NextGen and/or Common Core State Standards for all subjects that readily links to teacher-generated curricula and materials. 


Year at glance (YAG), Unit and Daily planning templates can be customized, allowing districts to have consistency and continuity of work. 


Exemplar YAG, Units and Daily lesson plans available for ELA and math for immediate use or customization.


Create formative and summative assessments linked to the standards with robust data analysis tools that generate standards-based re-teaching materials, ensuring all students meet their learning outcomes.

What is Curriculum Developer™ (CD)?            

The Results-Based Education Model (R-BEM) Curriculum Developer™ is a powerful system for developing a district curriculum. Curriculum Developer™ (CD) serves as a reference site and management tool for teachers, parents, and administrators regarding what will be taught and assessed and in what time frame. CD is web-based and purposely aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It is based on the notion that curriculum is a seamless web: teaching/learning/assessment.

Why is Curriculum Developer™ Better?

This easy-to-access program is fully customizable and promotes on-going refinement and alignment of a district first-curriculum. The proven organizational structure within the product is key to fast implementation and ease-of-use.

The internal “mapping” component gives users a year at a glance overview of any course and/or subject. Unit descriptions, including learned skills and knowledge, are articulated in these maps. Estimated unit delivery timeframes and identification of imbedded assessments are also parts of this process.

The second part of this process involves unit planning and curriculum framework development. The instructional units are based on objectives/results and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The student learning sequence drives each of the unit results. The framework is the key sub-set of the unit(s) and these items are bolded for easy identification within CD.

Once these curricular frames are developed and sequenced, a timeline for unit delivery is established. The activities are motivated by the objectives, and the prior learning (connections) and content determine the duration of each unit. Key vocabulary, resources, and materials are identified along with process, procedures and attachments. In-process formative assessments check and confirm understandings and a summative assessment assures successful attainment of the goals and objectives. Motivation, engagement, and volition are important elements of the unit delivery process and are described here.

Lesson planning and use round out the program capabilities. Users create and share these daily lesson plans that are based on the instructional frames. All of these elements work together to create what we believe is the most powerful curriculum management system available.

  • Complete “mapping” component for student learning of skills and knowledge.
  • Subject and/or course overview with detailed description(s).
  • Full unit of instruction descriptions and timeframes.
  • “Year at a glance” overview including assessment timelines.
  • Sophisticated unit planning and curriculum framework process.
  • Unit details include: concepts, major understandings, results, duration, and CCSS links.
  • Framework identifies content, guiding questions, performance tasks, and assessment.
  • Formative/summative assessments listed with Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and CCSS codes.
  • Adaptations for ELL and SPED participation and performances.
  • Easily attach vocabulary lists, needed materials, and teacher notes.
  • A district feed-back loop is provided for continuous improvement.
  • A complete unit delivery process with pacing guides is included.
  • Delivered instruction and activities are driven by required results and unit duration.
  • Teaching and learning are guided by motivation, engagement, and Volition.
  • A lesson plan creation and sharing component is included.
  • All lesson planning is based on the instructional frameworks.
  • Becomes the repository for the complete Pre-K to 12 district curriculum.
  • The “attributes of the graduate” starting point allows for design-down and delivery-up!
  • MS Windows and Apple OS compatible.
  • Easily links to any Student Information System (SIS).
  • May also be linked to additional program data systems.
  • Configured and up-and-running in five (5) days or less…guaranteed!

Call for a free, no-obligation demonstration today! We may provide a WebEx meeting format or come to your district or school to present in-person. The demo takes between 60 and 90 minutes with plenty of time for Q and A. A price quote and implementation process guide may be requested.

Once you and your staff see the power and efficiency of the product you may require a proposal. If a purchase order is then generated, configuration and setup will begin. Our technology specialist(s) will contact you for initial setup of staff as users and creation of a district Admin account. This “super-user” account allows for local control and configuration of the product.

To implement CD, staff training is required and will be scheduled to accommodate the district. Staff is trained in grade-level, subject teams which may be combined. Of critical importance is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. That is to say, keep current curricular-related things that work well for inclusion in CD. Let Educational Vistas become your partner in these worth-while efforts today!

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