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EVI provides a large array of both local/in-district  as well as remote services to hundred of districts.

Customized Student Assessment Services for NYS School Districts

EVI provides a large array of both local/in-district customized student assessment management services as well as remote services to hundreds of districts throughout New York State. As a district partner in many areas of the educational process, Educational Vistas, Inc. brings powerful problem-solving capabilities that are based in good, proven educational pedagogy.

From CBT assessments and other online assessment tools to curriculum development and training to a vast number of data services, Education Vistas Inc. has become a trusted resource to district administrators and teachers. Most of these online assessment tools also reinforce industry-leading management systems and associated web-based software products. EVI’s talented staff of trainers, certified NYS teachers, former administrators, and technical specialists as available to work with your staff to complete projects, conquer challenges, and bring efficiency to your process and work-flow. Please contact us today to learn more about our customized student assessment tools or to discuss your particular needs with a member of our team. EVI is ready to work with you.

Explore Our Suite of Student Assessment Programs & Assessment Management Services

Educational Vistas Inc. has made it easier than ever to develop customized student assessments to suit your precise needs. On top of that, we offer preconstructed assessments featured within an easy-to-navigate EVI test item bank. Thanks to our intuitive systems, we’re able to develop, administer, score, and analyze an array of assessment types.

Be sure to browse each of the following sections to get a better sense of our customizable assessment services. Our proven systems have contributed to the institutional success of all sorts of educational departments across New York. As always, you’re more than welcome to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to get a better sense of our assessment management and assessment scoring capabilities. We’re constantly standing by to provide in-district and remote support.

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