Portfolio (+)

Easy & Secure Sharing for Student Reports & Documents

Easy & Secure Sharing for Student Reports & Documents

Premiere School-to-Home Communications Tool

Check out these great advantages:

Portfolio (+) can increase productivity by exchanging data efficiently using the enhanced API of your school’s SMS. This integration enables districts to display assessments, reports, and documents directly in the student portal. With the single sign-on solution, parents and guardians are able to access all necessary documents and reports for their child. These protocols allow for immediate reporting through a more efficient and streamlined process.

At Educational Vistas, we take the responsibility for the security and integrity of school district information to be the most important part of our service. Portfolio (+) software conforms to all standards, nationally, at the state level, and locally at the district level.

The Portfolio (+)software allows for paperless delivery directly to the parent via portal access and email. This eliminates the need for large-scale printing and distribution and saves a significant amount of time, money, and valuable human resources. All documents are archived for future viewing over multiple years.

With the Portfolio (+) administration console, Conductor (+), school districts can choose what the student’s parent or guardian sees and customize messages based on their unique preferences. A customized district website message can inform the user of the district’s mission, goals, and expectations. Individual document messages can be customized to provide more specific information.

Unlike traditional print/mail detail and summary reports, the reports from Portfolio (+) enable administrators to know whether the documents were actually viewed, or if other measures need to be taken to ensure the information reaches the intended party. In addition, phone log reports can be easily integrated into your existing messaging service.

Better Communication for a Better Education

It’s a fact. When parents are involved, students do better. And when it comes to making and maintaining strong connections between the classroom and the home, nothing beats the power and ease of Portfolio (+) from Educational Vistas.

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