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At EVI, integration is a critical consideration in every product we create and every service we provide. The ability to gather data from multiple systems/products and then combine that data for use in powerful management systems is one of the most vital services we provide. By then designing and creating those management programs to help districts and schools realize the “promise” of technology, we became a key efficiency partner with educators.

GIGO (garbage-in, garbage-out) is another major issue to consider when consolidating district/school data for informational and reporting requirements. Our DataSync™ Wizard “scrubs” the data elements from each donor database for both integrity and consistency. This validated, authenticated data is then ready to populate these essential management packages. Now the “promise” of technology is ready to be realized! District and school required reports are now available at the touch of a single button, and valuable information is used for true data-driven decision making.

An incredible by-product of this direct project work within districts is the creation of the Zone Integration Server (ZIS) process to establish a data warehouse. This local data warehouse empowers districts and schools to meet all reporting requirements (both State & local) and eliminate data duplication, redundancy, and errors. Educational Vistas, Inc. products and services provide enough efficiency/savings to usually pay for themselves (minimum)!

EVI also provides programming services and per-project pricing for customization and enhancements to existing or new products. Please take a look at our Product Feature Sheet or contact us for more information or a price quote today.

Scott standing at EVI booth at a Conference
Scott presenting an EVI sponsored giveaway to a winner
AIMS: Academic Intervention Management System
Curriculum Developer: District-wide Instructional Content
DataMate: Student Assessment & Management Platform
DayaSync: Multi-Database Connectivity
EduForm: Integrated and Customizable Online Forms
EduView: Integrated Data, Dashboard, and Reporting
SafeSchools: Discipline Management, Safety & Alerts
SELS: Social Emotional Learning System
StaffTrac: Observation, Evaluation & Reporting
SurVate: Secure Surveys & Reporting
Trans-Sync: Routing, Redistricting & Reliability