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Complete Social-Emotional Learning Software

A web-based SEL program built to bridge the gap between
academic and social & emotional student needs.

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Interventions & Strategies

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Parental Correspondence

Watch, Listen & Learn to Reach Your DEI Initiatives

EVI & Wisdom Thinkers Team UpA Class All Its Own

Educational Vistas and Wisdom Thinkers have partnered to provide educators with a powerful set of SEL tools and capabilities unlike any other in the industry. “Stories to Light Our Way” can change everything about the way you teach and the results you can expect from transformative SEL.

  • Simple to access remotely and Google compatible
  • Implement as a stand-alone or to complement any existing program
  • Integrate into any classroom setting or building-wide framework
  • Easily internalized by students of all ages
  • Helps connect diverse communities from schools to parents to workplaces
  • Aligns and integrates with NYS DEI guidelines, CASEL competencies and strengths

A Suite of Culturally Responsive Storytelling Toolkits

SEL Benefits

Stories to Light Our Way

WisdomThinkers’ award-winning storytelling approach with research-based, teacher-designed and tested activities, discussions, and lesson plans is easy to implement both in and out of the classroom, including summer school. Plus, it provides an engaging and enlightening learning experienced that can be internalized by students of all ages.

Added Value from Educational Vistas

Augment Wisdom Thinkers Storytelling Toolkit with the support and added value of Educational Vistas impressive products to drive SEL performance to new heights. Our Social Emotional Learning System (SELS) can help manage every aspect of your SEL process, and work in tandem with Wisdom Thinkers to seamlessly bridge the gaps between the academic and social/emotional needs of all students. And with SurVate, EVI’s powerful measurement tool, educators and administrators get a clear and complete picture of school climate across multiple fields, gaining valuable insight and information to make better decisions and optimize strategies.

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Educational Vistas Inc. proudly provides comprehensive SEL programs to help school districts and teachers provide quality education for students and tools to strengthen a teacher's abilities. Our SEL programs can add value to your academic education, seamlessly bridging the gap between education and social/emotional need of your students! Connect with us today to learn more about our SEL programs.

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