Complete teacher-principal evaluation management system providing a fully electronic observation process.

Report Generator

Interventions & Strategies

Quarterly Progress

Parental Correspondence


All rubrics and observation components of any evaluation may be tailored to mirror your school or district’s process.


Allows for observers to add comments/evidence in actual domain areas and automatically converts ratings/scores as per district specifications.


Provides a process for developing and tracking Student Learning Objective (SLOs) for growth or achievement.


Powerful scheduling component for managing and tracking all meetings, while HR component allows for immediate access to teacher data.


Professional Development module tracks TIPs, PD hours, and professional learning opportunities.


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What is Social Emotional Learning System™ (SELS)?            

The Social Emotional Learning System™ is a powerful web-based SEL program developed for School districts to manage all aspects of the process and involve all students and stakeholders.  Our goal is to provide a secure platform that links to any school management system (SMS) and bridges the gap between the academic and social & emotional needs of all students.  The flow, process, and layout of the product are based on our extensive experience in the successful development and implementation of web-based management tools and proven “best of practice” information and data. 

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. 

Several hundred well-designed studies have documented that well-planned and well-implemented SEL programming can positively affect a broad range of student social, health, behavioral and academic outcomes.

SELS™ was created to promote social and emotional learning in preK-12 formal and informal education settings by providing resources, training, coaching and technical assistance to educators and practitioners. Our vision is to support learning environments that produce well-rounded young people who are not only equipped with the academic skills to succeed in life, but the skills that allow them to be men and women of integrity who contribute positively to their communities.

  • Manage all aspects of a district SEL plan and process
  • Integrates with any Student Management System (SMS)
  • Contains all National/NYS SEL coded standards
  • Provides all National SEL Tier 1 interventions by domain
  • Creates a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS)
  • Includes all US DE School Climate Surveys
  • Integrates with Curriculum Developer and Instructional Units
  • Meets all Ed Law 2-d requirements
  • Provide for Parental Correspondence documents
  • Joins the Academic and Emotional aspects of student needs
  • Allow AIS/RTI and SEL to be tracked within a single system
  • Custom Reports by district request/requirement
  • Works with any current Web Browser

Educational Vistas is committed to ensuring that the set up and implementation of StaffTrac™ is very low impact. We have developed unique sync and form building tools that will assist us in connecting to your data-regardless of the data source. So first:

Contact Scott Crowder for a WebEx or in-district product demonstration to explore the comprehensiveness of SELS™ and discuss  no impact implementation.

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Scott B. Crowder
Chief Executive Officer

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