Assessment Services

DataMate™ is the most effective and efficient way to view assessment data for making informed instructional decisions. Unique capabilities of this program include access to rich, longitudinal student records, electronic portfolios, and online testing, featuring the immediate posting of results to all reports.

Through comprehensive, powerful, and easy-to-use reports and graphs, program and student strengths and challenges are illustrated in ways that teachers, administrators, students, and parents can use to improve teaching and learning. By linking to any student information system (SIS), DataMate™ is kept up-to-date with all changes in student enrollment, course/section, homeroom, and demographic information and all stakeholders may access results for their students.

Longitudinal analysis is available because all pre-K through 12 assessment data is maintained throughout a student’s academic career. Redisplaying historical data for current teachers, DataMate™ allows teachers and administrators to assess the strengths and challenges of all students on-demand.

Developed by educators, for educators, the look, feel, and flow of this management system “make sense” to staff so that the learning curve is short and the process is natural. DataMate™ also links directly to StaffTrac™, allowing for the easiest way to create SLOs and calculate scores for APPR.


For More Info, Contact:
Bill Bouchard
Solutions Architect & Data Manager