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Complete teacher-principal evaluation management system providing a fully electronic observation process.


All rubrics and observation components of any evaluation may be tailored to mirror your school or district’s process.


Allows for observers to add comments/evidence in actual domain areas and automatically converts ratings/scores as per district specifications.


Provides a process for developing and tracking Student Learning Objective (SLOs) for growth or achievement.


Powerful scheduling component for managing and tracking all meetings, while HR component allows for immediate access to teacher data.


Professional Development module tracks TIPs, PD hours, and professional learning opportunities.


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What is K-12 EduView™?

Districts face huge challenges with duplicated data entry, data scattered among multiple locations, lack of customized reports and the inability to generate reports based on data from multiple systems. K-12 EduView™ is the next generation of efficiency and reporting to solve all these problems. It is a fully customizable district data warehouse, data dashboard and reporting system.

Go to www.k12eduview.com for more info and to view the demo!

Why is K-12 EduView™ Better?

K-12 EduView™ seeks to make data easier for everybody. Using the Zone Integration Server functionality, all of your SIF compliant applications are automatically updated in real-time. Using alternative functionality, non SIF compliant applications, or applications that do not have a SIF agent may also be updated automatically to avoid duplicated data entry.

The integrated data warehouse functionality then allows pulling unique data from all systems into a centralized locations. Utilizing this central repository, we can generate unlimited views of the data via dashboards and reports. Some dashboard systems may be based on stale data, such as periodically compiled and uploaded state reporting data, which renders them rather ineffective. K-12 EduView™ uses the most current data possible to make reporting effective.

  • Web based system accessible from any tablet, PC, laptop, or iPad with current browser
  • Zone Integration Server supporting SIF versions 1.5 through 2.6
  • Ability to create SIF messages for Student Information Systems without a SIF agent
  • Transfer data to/from any district controlled systems
  • Full data warehouse ability – pull data from all other systems into a single centralized system
  • Role based data dashboard and reporting system
  • Active Directory integrated login for dashboard and reporting
  • Configure single click login to other web-based systems such as SIS
  • Automatically generate export files for use in other systems
  • Parent/guardian portal to view own students

Contact Bill Bouchard for a WebEx to explore the comprehensiveness of K-12 EduView™ and discuss implementation.

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Bill D. Bouchard

V.P., Solutions Architect

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