EVI Team

Since 1993, Educational Vistas, Inc. has worked tirelessly to bring the most talented individuals together to create our powerful, diverse corporate team.

Leading Minds

For over 29 years, Educational Vistas has worked tirelessly to bring the most talented individuals together to create our powerful, diverse corporate team. Each member brings a wealth of life and work experiences, offering a value to our clients that is greater than the sum of its parts! The products and services created here in Schenectady, NY, rival those from any individual competitor. However, when you review the totality of all we have developed and offered to schools, you will find no other company with our depth and breadth. Each member of the EVI family has assisted in this success and in building our collective reputation.

Teacher Evaluation Software

When it comes to school district management tools, the EVI team strives to produce tools that are user friendly and can provide access to a surplus of helpful data. With our programs you can evaluate large populations of students and teachers to ensure individual success. For example, our academic intervention tools allow school districts to easily monitor individual students, keep track of their performance profiles, and enroll them in intervention if necessary. Our student assessment programs allow teachers to easily identify the needs of students in order to help each and every individual succeed.

Additionally, we offer school curriculum developers to assist teachers schedule their lesson plans and set obtainable goals in student learning. Between our online practice tests, teacher evaluation software, social emotional learning curriculum, and other programs, your school district will be on the path to academic achievement. At Educational Vistas, Inc. our team is dedicated to enriching the lives of others by providing them with tools to help them succeed. For more information on our products, we encourage you to contact us so we can articulate just how our tools can benefit you.

Lenore Crowder
Lenore CrowderPresident
Dr. Bruce H. Crowder
Dr. Bruce H. CrowderSenior Researcher & Facilitator
Scott B. Crowder
Scott B. CrowderChief Executive Officer
Lukas J. Crowder
Lukas J. CrowderChief Financial Officer
Bill D. Bouchard
Bill D. BouchardV.P., Solutions Architect
Walter Cole
Walter ColeRegional Sales Representative
Pete Cooper
Pete CooperNational Sales Manager
Kenneth Dessinger
Kenneth DessingerManager, Information Systems
Grace L. Fischer
Grace L. FischerDirector of Assessment Services
Mary Beth Liles
Mary Beth LilesMathematics Assessment Developer
Anthony A. Moody
Anthony A. MoodyPrint Shop Manager
Devin Moss
Devin MossIT Assistant
Greg Peters
Greg PetersSoftware Engineer
Hammwattie Ramcharan
Hammwattie RamcharanContract Manager
Richard Sabados
Richard SabadosAssistant Solutions Architect
Vicki Siverling
Vicki SiverlingDirector of Marketing & Communications
Robert Johnston
Robert JohnstonCreative Director & Experience designer
About Robert