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DataMate™ is your complete assessment management, development, and delivery system. It is the most effective and efficient way to view and use assessment data and information to improve student achievement and instructional effectiveness. Our proprietary DataSync™ Tool links to any SMS and keeps enrollment and course/section/homeroom assignments current. 

Districts may upload their own test questions, purchase commercial item banks, or simply use EVI’s preloaded test questions to create assessments for use on paper (PBT), computer (CBT), or both! EVI’s 60,000+ item bank includes the last 12 years of NYS grades 3-8 exams and Regents released items. All items are aligned with NYS Next Generation standards. You get on-demand access to assessment maps, test books, teacher instructions, and more. Also, practice assessments may be given online in a “Nextera™-like” format.

DataMate™ provides many detailed reports and enhances data analysis with just one click. With access to real-time information, educators will identify their students’ challenges and make accurate instructional shifts to improve performance and meet goals. They can set instructional targets accurately because the analytics provide insight into what is and is not working at the individual student, classroom, teacher, building, and district level. Custom reports are available as required. Users may compare results against other districts, BOCES, RICs, and so much more!

Improving Student & Teacher Performance Through Data Management & Analysis

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By adopting the DataMate management system, you will be taking advantage of our powerful assessment tools and rise to new levels of efficiency while gaining deep actionable insights. Improve student performance and save your precious time and money. 

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Additional Powerful Features

These assessments are designed to assist teachers in understanding where gaps exist in foundational skills needed for success in the current grade.

Made to correlate with either the Common Core or Next Generation standards, these assessments are modeled after the NYS End of Year testing.

Creating valid and reliable assessments is complex and time intensive and we assist schools in developing their own assessments to address their unique needs or create assessments from the EVI test item bank.

Additional Powerful Options

Determine your students’ academic strengths & challenges with the preeminent suite of diagnostic reading (DRP), math (DMP), and writing (DWP) assessment series. These assessments are easily implemented measures of academic skills. When employed at multiple times throughout the school year, the essential components provide a dynamic and precise analysis of each learner’s growth throughout the year. Available in Computer-Based Testing (CBT) and Paper-Based Testing (PBT) formats.

Dr. Jean Maculaitis, is a renowned assessment and brain scientist and educator with over 35 years of experience. Her unique and proven process provide the content that is required to improve both performance and long-term acquisition of key academic skills in ELA & math.