Kenn Dessinger

Manager, Information Systems and Security

Kenneth DessingerAs a multi-talented member of the Educational Vistas Inc. team, Kenn holds several crucial roles that are essential to the company’s success. As a Systems Administrator, he manages and maintains the company’s hardware and software systems to ensure that they run efficiently and effectively. In his role as a Network Administrator, Kenn is responsible for ensuring that EVI’s network infrastructure is secure, stable, and meets the needs of our users. As a Database Administrator, Kenn oversees EVI’s databases, ensuring that they are always up-to-date, accurate, and accessible to those who need them. Additionally, Kenn is also a VBA Software Developer, working to create custom applications that help to streamline the work processes. As the company’s Cybersecurity expert, Kenn monitors the systems for threats and develops strategies to mitigate them. He also plays a critical role in Disaster Recovery, ensuring that EVI’s data is backed up and can be restored in case of a crisis. When needed. Kenn provides excellent Customer Support to our clients, helping them with any technical issues that arise. Lastly, Kenn fills the open position of Project Manager, in which he works to ensure that all EVI projects are delivered on time and within budget, while meeting the high standards that Educational Vistas Inc. is known for.

Kenn brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role as Information Systems Manager at Educational Vistas Inc. As a child prodigy in the early 1980s, he had a natural talent for working with computers and was able to program them before they became commonplace in households. He started with a Commodore 64 computer, subscribing to Power magazines and writing computer games for fun. In his teenage years, he attended Shaker High School and worked at a local logistics company called Velocity Express as a driver but was quickly promoted to the company’s Information Technology manager due to his expertise with computer systems.

In 2001, Kenn graduated from Hudson Valley Community College with a BS in Computer Information Systems and landed a job in Houston, Texas, working in Logistics and Graphical Information Systems (GIS). From there, he worked with LandWorks Inc., providing his logistical, GIS, and programming skills to many of the world’s largest oil and gas corporations, including Valero, Exxon, Shell, ConocoPhillips, BP, and Duke, among others.

In 2016, Kenn left the corporate world and worked with nine investor partners to create a startup called Mentor Investment Group, a real estate investing corporation with a focus on helping regular people retire early using real estate, one of the top-performing investment vehicles of modern times. Unfortunately, in 2017, his health took a turn for the worst when he was affected by a bacterial infection in the brain from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In 2018, he moved back to New York to receive treatment which took nearly 2 years to recover from.

In 2019, Kenn took a job with Educational Vistas as the Information Systems Manager, bringing his extensive experience and skills to help the company thrive. His background in logistics, GIS, programming, and real estate investing has given him a unique perspective that helps him manage and maintain Educational Vistas’ hardware and software systems to ensure that they run efficiently and effectively. Kenn is proud to be part of the team at Educational Vistas and to contribute his expertise to support the company’s mission.

In his free time, Kenn enjoys exploring a wide range of interests and hobbies. As someone who has always been fascinated by computers and technology, he often spends his spare time keeping up to date with the latest developments in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cryptos. He is also interested in exploring Transcendence and Ancient Aliens theories, as he finds the ideas behind these concepts fascinating and thought-provoking.

When he is not deep in thought about technology or philosophy, he enjoys spending time outdoors. He finds camping and trail-riding on four-wheelers to be a great way to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Additionally, Kenn is a big fan of Muscle Cars and love attending car shows and events to see the latest and greatest in automotive design.

Overall, Kenn’s hobbies and interests reflect his diverse and curious nature. Whether exploring the latest technological advancements or getting his hands dirty with outdoor activities, he is always seeking new experiences and knowledge to expand his horizons.